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LED Lighted Chevy Bowtie

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Red LED Chevy Bowtie White LED Chevy Bowtie Blue LED Chevy Bowtie
Red LED Chevy Bowtie White LED Chevy Bowtie

Pictures show a lighted red LED bowtie at night, silver bowtie with white LED's and a blue bowtie with blue LED's.

Chevy Bowtie made specifically for the '94 - '96 Impala SS, they are fully water proof,
operate off 12 vdc, 1/4" thick. They fit the factory SS grill perfectly - no modifications or holes to drill,
if you have a aftermarket grill you may have to drill a hole for the wires.
2 -wires to hookup, red wire to +12 volt and black wire to ground.
Use 2 sided tape or glue to secure the Bowtie, other colors and custom combinations available.

Note: Bowties are NOT normally stocked - please allow 2 weeks for manufacture before shipment.

Red LED Lighted Chevy Bowtie LED Lighted Chevy Bowtie

Current colors available:
Red, Blue and silver with White LED's
30 day satisfaction guarantee.
1 year of service guarantee.
$109.95 each + $7.00 shipping for any quantity.
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