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LED Lighted Chevy Bowtie

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Red LED Chevy Bowtie White LED Chevy Bowtie Blue LED Chevy Bowtie
Red LED Chevy Bowtie White LED Chevy Bowtie Blue LED Chevy Bowtie

Pictures show a red bowtie with red LED's, silver bowtie with white LED's and a blue bowtie with blue LED's.

Chevy Bowtie made specifically for the '94 - '96 Impala SS, they are fully water proof,
operate off 12 vdc, 1/4" thick. They fit the factory SS grill perfectly - no modifications or holes to drill,
if you have a aftermarket grill you may have to drill a hole for the wires.
2 -wires to hookup, red wire to +12 volt and black wire to ground.
Use 2 sided tape or glue to secure the Bowtie, I also recommend securing the 2 wires coming out of the Bowtie so that they do not vibrate, the weak link in the Bowtie is the wires and they could vibrate and break where they exit the Bowtie.
Other color combinations might be available.

Note: I'm currently not making Bowties to order, I will however be making a few now and then, email me if you want to be notified when some are available - also put your color choice in the email and if you want the remote, thank you.

Bowtie Remote Control Optional remote control:

Controls brightness
Has various flashing patterns
Remembers last setting after power interruption
Requires a CR2025 battery

I'm back to making a few,
send an email to be on list.

Red LED Lighted Chevy Bowtie LED Lighted Chevy Bowtie

30 day satisfaction guarantee.
1 year of service guarantee.

$146 each + $9.00 shipping.
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