BCD Clock Kit KBC00100

DIY BCD clock kit:
Easy to assemble kit
Through-hole components
12 or 24 hour operation
Small 3.4" x 2.5" footprint
9 vac wall transformer included
On board brightness control
Hour and minute time set switches
Available with red, white or blue LED's
Standard 6 pin programming jack

KBC00100 Parts Wall Transformer KBC00100 Clock KBC00100 Pcb
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Warning: If you are unable to read this clock you may not be a geek.

A neat little BCD clock kit, this kit allows you to improve your soldering skills by simply building the kit. The Atmel micro-controller comes pre-programmed so no programming is required, but if you want to learn some assembly language programming this kit can help with that. The BCD Clock Kit code is available from this website, you can modify it and easily upload it with the programming connector included in the kit.

The clock displays time HH:MM:SS in BCD format (binary coded decimal). It's simple design makes it fun to assemble and customize to your taste. Time set and brightness controls can be mounted from either side of the board to allow flexibility in your enclosure design. 12 or 24 hour time selection using a jumper wire. The kit comes with 5mm LED's but you could use 3mm LED's, remotely wire the LED's or mix different color LED's.

What’s Included in the kit:

  • 1 - High Quality PC Board
  • 1 - Atmel Micro-Controller
  • 1 - LM78L05 Voltage Regulator
  • 4 - PN2907A Transistors
  • 1 - 1N914 Diode
  • 1 - 5K Trimmer Resistor
  • 2 - Momentary Switches
  • 20 - LED's Red, White or Blue
  • 2 - 220ufd Capacitors
  • 1 - 100K Resistor (brown, black, yellow)
  • 4 - 4.7K Resistors (yellow, violet, red)
  • 4 - 180 ohm Resistors (brown, gray, brown)
  • 1 - 20 Pin IC Socket
  • 1 - 6 Pin Programming Header
  • 4 - PCB Standoffs / Spacers
  • 1 - 9 vac Wall Transformer

*** Assembly manual is not shipped with kits - you must use on-line manual ***

What you will need to assemble the kit:

  • Good quality soldering iron 25 – 40 watt
  • Solder tip cleaning sponge
  • Rosin core or no clean solder
  • Diagonal wire cutter

What you will need to program the kit:

  • Computer running Windows
  • ATAVRISP2 Programmer or equivalent
  • Assembly Code Here in TXT file
  • Atmel® Studio 6 - free download from atmel.com

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KBC00100 BCD Clock Kit

Assembly Manual in PDF format.

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